Royal Worcester fruit painters

The Royal Worcester fruit painters were a group of painters who specialized in depicting fruits on porcelain tableware. The tradition originated with the painter Octar H. Copson, who in 1880 had also painted a plaque commissioned by a local farmer to commemorate the introduction of the Pershore plum.

Pershore plums
by Octar Copson (1880)

Royal Worcester fruit pieces remain highly desirable and have been auctioned for more than $10,000.[citation needed]

List of Worcester fruit paintersEdit

  • Harry Austin
  • Walter Austin
  • William Bagnall
  • William Bee
  • Octar Copson (1872–1880) (possibly returned in the late 1880s)
  • John Freeman
  • William Hawkins (1874–1928)
  • George Johnson (1875–1914)
  • Brian Leaman
  • Horace Price
  • William Ricketts
  • Frank Roberts (1872–1920)
  • John Stinton
  • William Peter Rowley

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