The Story of Emilie and Jaden edit

How It All Started edit

It all started in a Grade 5 class. Emilie and Jaden were put together to sit next to each other in class. They just started talking about this annoying girl in class not saying names and long story short they started talking.

Jaden's Best Friend edit

Jaden had a best friend called Ethan. He was a real genius and everyone called him smart (he knew grade 6 to 9 algebra and knew everything in math and science that were taught to him). Ethan knew that Jaden didn't like Emilie at all but he knew that there was chemistry. He also didn't like the girl that they talked about, still not saying names.

Grade 6 edit

Jaden always got annoyed by Emilie because Emilie always threw snowballs at him (always is not an expression, it's literal). Ethan didn't like Emilie either but he knew that Emilie loved Jaden. Now let me tell you why.

Snapchat edit

When Jaden got Snapchat, Emilie always texted him (again, always is not an expression, it's literal). She always sent him snaps (you know what I mean when I say always). She sent him more snaps than the number of emails that I get (I get around 6500 emails a day, not lying).

The Love edit

Every time that Emilie annoyed Jaden, she smiled and always had fun. Everyone shipped them together but they disproved it of course. But Ethan thought differently he knew that Emilie loved Jaden and Jaden hated her. He even made a TikTok about it.

The Poem edit

Emilie and Jaden sitting in a tree.

Emilie thinks Jaden loves me.

Jaden thinks I hate her.

Emilie sees Jaden and she goes purr.