Royal Swedish Army Materiel Administration

The Royal Swedish Army Material Administration[1] (Swedish: Kungliga Arméförvaltningen, KAF) was a Swedish central government agency that replaced the War College in 1865. It was active between the years 1866 and 1954.

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The Ministry (Intendentsdepartementet) was constituted along with the Artillery Department, Fortification Department, Civil Department, as the Army Materiel Administration, on 1 January 1866. The Ministry consisted of military offices, the chamber office, and secretariat. After 1881 it consisted of a military bureau and a civilian bureau. The military bureau was divided in 1907 into an equipment bureau (in 1911 with a technical audit) and a maintenance bureau. A medical bureau was added in 1893 with the transfer of the medical field office. In 1907 this became independent on the same level as the other departments.[2]

When the Army Materiel Administration in 1937 underwent a major reorganization, the Ministry changed its name from Intendentsdepartementet to Intendenturdepartementet, which came to consist of six bureaus: central bureau, maintenance bureau, barracks investigation bureau, equine and veterinary bureau and a civilian bureau as well as a technical audit office. In 1940 a seventh bureau was added, the industrial agency and in 1942 an eighth, the motor fuel bureau.

As early as 1 January 1944, the next major change occurred in the Army Materiel Administration, when the fortification board and the medical board became independent government agencies (as Fortification Administration (Arméns fortifikationsförvaltning)[3] and the Medical Services Administration of the Swedish Armed Forces[4]). After this the Army Materiel Administration consisted of an ordnance department, a civilian bureau and supply department; the latter consisting of central, industrial (suspended in 1945), maintenance, motor fuel, barracks investigation (suspended in 1952) and the equine and veterinary stock bureaus-- as well as the inventory control office.[2]

The Army Materiel Administration was disbanded on 1 July 1954. Its duties were taken over by the Royal Swedish Army Supply Administration and the Royal Swedish Army Ordnance Administration.[2]

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