Rowe Customusic

Rowe Customusic is a background music system[1] of the 1960s and 1970s. The playback machine can load up to six Fidelipac type C endless magnetic tape cartridges, which could hold the longest tape of its kind. It plays up to 60 hours.[2] The case is 13⅝" wide, 11⅛" high and 13¾" deep.[3] Like the 3M Cantata 700, the playback machine moves the tape head in between the cartridges, and also usual for Fidelipac playback machines, track by track on the current cartridge, to access each to the four tracks per cartridge. The current cartridge number is indicated on a seven-segment display. Changing to the next track was triggered automatically by a conductive tape strip where the endless tape joined its both ends, or even manually by pressing a key to move the tape head to the next track. Another switch located next to the main switch disables changing the cartridge an make the player remain the playback procedure on the current cartridge.[4]


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