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Flank steak roulade being browned
Cooked flank steak roulade
Salmon and dill mini roule

A roulade (/ruːˈlɑːd/)[1] is a dish of filled rolled meat or pastry. Roulade can be savory or sweet. Swiss roll is an example of a sweet roulade. Traditionally found in various European cuisines, the term roulade originates from the French word "rouler", meaning "to roll".[2] However, the term may be used in its generic sense to describe any filled rolled dish,[citation needed] such as those found in maki sushi.[citation needed]



A meat-based roulade typically consists of a slice of steak rolled around a filling such as cheese, vegetables, or other meats. A roulade, like a braised dish, is often browned then covered with wine or stock and cooked. Such a roulade is commonly secured with a toothpick, metal skewer or a piece of string.[3] The roulade is then sliced into rounds and served. Of this common form, there are several notable dishes:

  • Braciole, Italian roulade consisting of beef, pork or chicken usually filled with Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and eggs
  • Paupiette, French veal roulade filled with vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats
  • Rouladen, German and Hungarian beef roulade filled with onions, bacon and pickles. Also Kohlrouladen, cabbage filled with minced meat.
  • Španělské ptáčky (Spanish birds) are roulade in Czech cuisine. The recipe is practically identical with German Rouladen, perhaps omitting wine and adding a wedge of hard boiled egg and/or frankfurter to the filling. Unlike the large roulade, sliced before serving, the "birds" are typically 10 cm (3.9 in) long, served whole with a side dish of rice or Czech style bread dumplings.
  • Szüz tekercsek ("Virgin rouladen"), in Hungary a dish[clarification needed] filled with minced meat.
  • Zrazy (or "rolada"), in Poland
  • Rollade, in the Netherlands. Most 'rollades' are made from rolled Pork. A typical Dutch 'rollade' is not filled. Common spices are pepper, salt and nutmeg.


A slice of cake roulade

Some roulades consist of cake (often sponge cake) baked in a flat pan rolled around a filling. Cake rolled around jam, chocolate buttercream, nuts or other fillings, is an example of a sweet roulade like the bejgli or the Swiss roll. The bûche de Noël or "Yule log" is a traditional French Christmas cake roll, often decorated with frosting made to look like bark.

Another form of non-meat roulade consists of a soufflé-type mixture baked in a flat pan rolled around a filling.[citation needed]

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