Rosenhügel Studios

The Rosenhügel Studios are film studios located in the Austrian capital Vienna. They were opened in 1923 and originally owned by the Vita-Film production company. After the company's bankruptcy the following year the studios were taken over by Sascha Film, the largest of the Austrian companies of the era. In the early 1930s Sascha formed a partnership with the German outfit Tobis Film to renovate the studios for production of sound films. A number of Austrian hit films were produced there during the remainder of the decade.

The studios in 2007.

Following the Anschluss of 1938, the Austrian film industry was incorporated into that of Nazi Germany. Rosenhügel was taken over by the German-controlled Wien-Film under Karl Hartl.

During the Soviet Occupation of East Vienna between 1945 and 1955, the studios were used for a mixture of entertainment films and Communist propaganda works.[1] After the Soviet withdrawal the studios passed into the hands of democratic Austria, and it functioned as the country's largest studios.

In 2011 parts of the studio estate were sold off for demolishment and redevelopment.

Rosenhügel Films Under Soviet OccupationEdit


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