Rosa 'Pope John Paul II'

The Rosa 'Pople John Paul II' is a white Hybrid tea rose cultivar, developed by Jackson & Perkins in honor of Pope John Paul II.

Rosa 'Pope John Paul II'
Rosa 'Pope John Paul II'.jpg
Rosa 'Pope John Paul II'
GenusRosa 'Hybrid'
Hybrid parentageSecret (hybrid tea) x Fragrant Lace (hybrid tea)
Cultivar groupHybrid tea
Marketing namesPope John Paul II
OriginKeith W. Zary, (2006)


'Pope John Paul II' was created by American rose breeder, Dr. Keith W. Zary in 2006, and was introduced into the United States in 2013 by Jackson & Perkins. The new rose was created in honor of the late Pope John Paul II. The pure white rose was specifically chosen by the Vatican, and was planted in the Vatican gardens in 2013 overlooking Saint Peter's Basilica.[1]


'Pope John Paul II' is a medium-tall upright shrub, 4 to 5 ft (121-152 cm) in height with a 2 to 3 ft (60-91 cm) spread. The shrub produces over 45 large petals that are a luminous, white, and 5-6  in (12-15  cm) in diameter. Flowers have a strong, citrus fragrance. 'Pope John Paul II' is disease resistant and has dark green foliage.[2]

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