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Rong is the pinyin romanization of several Chinese family names, which including 戎 Róng, 融 Róng, 荣 Róng, 容 Róng, etc. Among these names, 荣 Róng and 容 Róng are relatively common. during the early Zhou Dynasty, Rong (戎) people the "Rong You" (戎右) get surname Rong (戎).[clarification needed]

Notable peopleEdit

容 RóngEdit

  • Rong Hong (Yung Wing), ( Chinese name: 容閎)the first Chinese student to graduate from a U.S. university
  • Terence Yung, concert pianist
  • Rong Guotuan, ( Chinese name: 容國圑)ping pong player
  • Joey Yung, ( Chinese name: 容祖兒)Hong Kong singer
  • Andy Wai Yip Yung ( chinese: 容偉業 ),an active member in social demonstration for autism.

荣 RóngEdit