Ronde van Midden-Nederland

The Ronde van Midden-Nederland is a road bicycle race held annually in Netherlands. It was organized as a 1.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour from 2005 to 2013, and as a 2.2 since 2015.[1]

Ronde van Midden-Nederland
Race details
English nameTour of the Central Netherlands
Local name(s)Ronde van Midden-Nederland
DisciplineRoad race
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeStage race
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First edition1948 (1948)
Editions60 (as of 2017)
First winner Gerrit Voorting (NED)
Most wins Wim Stroetinga (NED) (3 wins)
Most recent Kamil Gradek (POL)


Year Country Rider Team
1948   Netherlands Gerrit Voorting
1949   Belgium Lode Wouters
1950   Netherlands Hein van Breenen
1951   Netherlands Hein van Breenen
1952   Netherlands Adrie Voorting
1953   Belgium Rik Van Looy Gitane–Hutchinson
1954   Netherlands Krijn Post
1955   Netherlands Piet Steenvoorden
1956   Netherlands Piet de Jongh
1957   Netherlands Gijs Pauw
1958   Netherlands René Lotz
1959 No race
1960   Netherlands Jan Janssen
1961   Netherlands Henk Nijdam
No race
1966   Netherlands Leen de Groot
1967 No race
1968   Netherlands Daan Holst
1969   Netherlands Henk Benjamins Netherlands national team
1970   Netherlands Ger Harings Caballero–Laurens
1971   Netherlands Jan Hordijk
1972   Netherlands Aad van den Hoek
1973   Netherlands Jan Raas
1974   Netherlands Jan van Houwelingen
1975   Netherlands Michel Jacobs
1976   Netherlands Hans Koot
1977   Netherlands Piet van Leeuwen
1978   Netherlands Frits Pirard Miko-Mercier-Hutchinson
1979   Netherlands Jos Lammertink
1980   Netherlands Jacques Hanegraaf
1981   Netherlands Piet Kuys
1982   Netherlands Joop Ribbers
1983   Netherlands Jack van der Toorn
1984   Netherlands Nico van de Klundert
1985   Netherlands Piet Pompstra
1986   Netherlands John van den Akker
1987   Netherlands Johnny Broers
1988   Netherlands Louis de Koning Panasonic-Isostar-Colnago-Agu
1989   Netherlands Mario Gutte
1990   Netherlands Rober van de Vin
1991   Netherlands Godert de Leeuw
1992   Netherlands Jan de Leeuw
1993   Netherlands Godert de Leeuw
1994   Lithuania Jonas Romanovas
1995 No race
1996   Netherlands Robert van der Donk
1997   Netherlands Erik Bos
1998 No race due to storm
1999   Netherlands Peter Voshol
2000   Netherlands Albert Schurer
2001 No race due to storm
2002   Netherlands Sander Lormans
2003   Netherlands Marvin van der Pluijm Apac–Eemland Cycling Team
2004   Netherlands Angelo van Melis Van Vliet–EBH Advocaten
2005   Netherlands Wim Stroetinga Löwik-Van Losser
2006   Netherlands Niki Terpstra Ubbink-Syntec
2007   Netherlands Marco Bos Cycling Team Jo Piels
2008   Netherlands Jan Bos Cycling Team Jo Piels
2009   Netherlands Jeroen Boelen Van Hemert Groep-DJR
2010   Netherlands Wesley Kreder Rabobank Continental Team
2011   Netherlands Wim Stroetinga Ubbink–Koga
2012   Netherlands Ivar Slik Rabobank Continental Team
2013   Germany Sebastian Forke Team NSP–Ghost
2014   Netherlands Wim Stroetinga Koga Cycling Team
2015   Belgium Olivier Pardini Verandas Willems
2016   Great Britain Chris Opie ONE Pro Cycling
2017   Poland Kamil Gradek ONE Pro Cycling


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