Ronde Island, Grenada is a 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) private island in the Lesser Antilles chain of the Caribbean Sea.

The island was listed for sale as of October 2007 for US$100,000,000,[1] making it at the time the most expensive listed island property in the world.[2]

Historically, the island was inhabited, from which a small community still remains -- making it the third inhabited island in the Grenada Grenadines (after Carriacou and Petite Martinique).[3]

Ronde Island also contains two small ponds and is surrounded by many other islands including Diamond Island (Grenadines), Caille Island, and Les Tantes. The island also provides a habitat for species such as the red-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonarius) and the Grenada tree boa (Corallus grenadensis).

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