Roman Catholic Diocese of Vladivostok

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Vladivostok was a Latin Catholic bishopric in eastern Russia and West Turkestan (1923-2002).

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It was established on 2 February 1923 as Diocese of Vladivostok, on Czarist Russian imperial territory, canonically split off from the Apostolic Vicariate of Siberia.

On 1991.04.13, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it lost huge territories to establish the Apostolic Administration of Kazakhstan and Apostolic Administration of Novosibirsk.

On 2002.02.11 it was suppressed, its territory being merged into the Diocese of Saint Joseph at Irkutsk, within which Vladivostok remains a deanery.

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(probably incomplete; Roman Rite)

Bishops of Vladivostok
  • Karol Slivosky (1923.02.02 – 1933.01.06), Russian.

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