Roman Catholic Diocese of Nicolet

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Nicolet (Latin: Dioecesis Nicoletana) (erected 10 July 1885) is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

Diocese of Nicolet

Dioecesis Nicoletana
Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Nicolet.jpg
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral
Ecclesiastical provinceQuebec
- Catholics

189,900 (98.0%)
DenominationRoman Catholic
RiteRoman Rite
Established10 July 1885
CathedralSt. John the Baptist Cathedral, Nicolet
Current leadership
BishopAndré Gazaille


Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral in 1886

The seat of the bishop (or "ordinary") is the Cathedral of St. Jean-Baptiste, a spectacular building opened in 1963, which seats 1,200 worshippers and features extensive stained glass as well as other artwork by a number of local artists. The present building is the fifth cathedral, successor to four previous buildings that fell victim to various physical disasters: two collapses, a fire, and damage from the Nicolet landslide of 1955. A frieze of stained glass in the apse shows characters from the Bible and from the history of the Christian church, including a portrait of Bishop Martin, who was responsible for construction of the new building.



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