Roman Candles (1920 film)

Roman Candles is a 1920 silent film drama directed by Jack Pratt and starring J. Frank Glendon and Edward M. Kimball. The film was released in 1920 as a seven reeler on State's Rights basis. In 1922 two independent distributors rereleased it with a 5 reel running length.[1]

Roman Candles
(aka: Yankee Doodle, Jr.)
Directed byJack Pratt
Written byW.S. Forstyth(story)
Jack Pratt(co-scen.)
W.S. Forsyth(co-scen.)
Ralph Spence(titles)
Produced byMaster Pictures
StarringJ. Frank Glendon
Edward M. Kimball
CinematographyWilliam Beckley
Distributed byState's Rights; 1920
Burnside; Mar-Apr 1922 (as Yankee Doodle, Jr.)
Cinart July 4, 1922 (as Yankee Doodle, Jr.)
Release date
September 13, 1920
April–March 1922;rerelease
July 1922 rerelease
Running time
7 reels in 1920
5 reels both 1922 rereleases
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent..English titles

It is preserved in the Library of Congress and the BFI Film and TV Institute, London.[2][3]



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