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Rodman Law (January 21, 1885 - October 14, 1919) born Frederick Rodman Law was a career parachutist, building climber and later silent movie stuntman and actor.[1]

Rodman Law
Frederick Rodman Law and Ruth B. Law in their Wright Model B flyer circa 1910-1915.jpg
Frederick Rodman Law and Ruth B. Law in her Wright Model B flyer circa 1912-1915
Born Frederick Rodman Law
January 21, 1885
Lynn, Massachusetts
Died October 14, 1919
Greenville, South Carolina
Other names "The Human Fly"
Occupation Parachutist, stuntman, actor
Relatives Ruth Law (sister)



He was the older brother of pioneering aviatrix Ruth Law Oliver.[2] Law was married to the former Florence Kimball and was the father of three children. The family made their home in Brooklyn.[3][4] Law lived in Chicago and Texas.[5][6]

On February 2, 1912 Law parachuted off the top of the candle of the Statue of Liberty. Law starred in or participated in several silent movies including a 1914 film built around his exploits Daredevil Rodman Law.[7] His female costars in his movies were Claire Whitney, Jean Acker, Ethel Wright, Rosanna Forbes, Beryl Bouton and Constance Bennett, unrelated to the 1930s film actress of the same name.

Law was seriously injured while performing a stunt in 1914; by 1917, the injury was troubling enough that he entered Kings Hospital in Brooklyn for treatment. During the long hospitalization, the money Law had made through his work in films, went to pay hospital bills and to support his family.[4] Law had almost given up stunt work, but when the US entered World War I, Law enlisted in the Army Aviation Corps. He was assigned to Kelly Field in Texas, where he returned to performing parachute jumping.[3][5]

Law contracted tuberculosis while at Kelly Field. He died of the disease at Camp Sevier in Greenville, South Carolina on October 14, 1919, after being hospitalized there for a few months.[3][2] Law was believed to be improving; at the time of his death he was planning to perform another parachute jumping stunt.[5]


  • A Leap for Love (1912)*short
  • The Secret Service Man (1912)*short
  • At the Risk of His Life (1912)*short
  • Saved by Airship (1913)*short
  • Death's Short Cut (1913)*short
  • His Priceless Treasure (1913)*short
  • The Daredevil Mountaineer (1913)*short
  • Fighting Death (1914)

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