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Rod Dickinson (born 1965)[1] is a British artist specialising in re-creations of historical incidents or events.


Dickinson initially trained as a painter. He first gained note in the 1990s for his work involving the creation of crop circles in the UK.[2] He made his first crop circle in 1991, when the interest in extraterrestrial visits was at its height, and has subsequently completed more than 500 of them.[3] In 2004 he graduated from circles made with cereal crops and created an ambitious design made using sand, followed by a BBC film crew and a helicopter.[3]

In 2002 he organised The Milgram Obedience Experiment in Glasgow, Scotland, involving reenactment by actors to explore Dickinson's fascination with belief systems and social systems.[2] The Observer described the work as "too literal to be theatre, and too darkly strange to fit into the historical battles' re-enactment genre... his work comes closest to the dread realm of performance art." [2]


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