Roberto del Rosario

Roberto L. del Rosario (June 7, 1919 – July 30, 2003) was a Filipino entrepreneur who established Trebel Music Corporation (defunct), a piano company in the Philippines. He was the patent holder of the Sing Along System, a type of karaoke system he developed in 1975.

Roberto del Rosario
Roberto Legaspi del Rosario

June 7, 1919
OrganizationTrebel Music Corporation
Known forPatentholder for the karaoke machine
Notable work
Sing Along System (SAS)
Spouse(s)Eloisa Beltran
Parent(s)Teofilo de Rosario and Consolacion Legaspi

Patent rights to KaraokeEdit

Del Rosario held the patent to the Sing Along System, a type of karaoke system which he developed in 1975.[1] He filed a patent infringement case against a Chinese company before the Supreme Court. In 1996, the court ruled that the Chinese company violated his patent rights. He was recognized as the sole holder of a patent for a karaoke system in the world. However, most scholars credit Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese, as the inventor of the karaoke. Inoue invented the karaoke in 1971.[2]

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