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Roberto Zanetti (born 28 November 1956) is an Italian singer and music producer from Massa, Tuscany. As a singer, he is known under the stage name Savage and as a music producer he uses the alias Robyx.

Roberto Zanetti
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Background information
Also known asSavage, Robyx
Born (1956-11-28) 28 November 1956 (age 65)
Massa, Tuscany, Italy
GenresEurodance, Italo disco, electropop
Occupation(s)Singer, record producer
Years active1983–present
LabelsDiscomagic, DWA

In 1989, he recorded "I Just Died in Your Arms" (a hi-NRG remake of the Cutting Crew song), as well as a greatest hits album. In 1994, he released another album, Strangelove, containing a number of remixes of his older songs and four mixes of the song "Strangelove" (by Depeche Mode). The last single which was released by Savage was "Don't You Want Me", which appeared on his own label, Dance World Attack Records (DWA) in 1994. This track does not appear on the Strangelove album.

At the beginning of 2019, Zanetti started the recordings of a new album "Love and Rain", the first studio album after the successful "Tonight" album of 1984. During the album's promoting company he worked with multiple European labels, including Polish MagicRecords and Russian RDS Records, living in Poland at that time. The new album was released at the beginning of 2020 and includes 14 new songs.


Studio / remix / compilation albumsEdit

Title Format Year Label
Tonight LP 1984 Discomagic
Greatest hits LP 1989 Euroenergy
Don't cry – Greatest Hits LP 1994 DWA Records
Tonight (remastered) LP 2010 DWA Records
Ten years ago (remastered) LP 2010 DWA Records
Love and rain LP / CD 2020 MagicRecords
Before (1983–1986 Demo Collection) CD 2020 MagicRecords
Love And Rain Remixes CD 2020 Maschina Records
Maxisingles LP 1987 Discomagic
Greatest Hits And More CD 1990 Inter Sonus
More Greatest Hits & Remixes CD 1992 Sonic Records
Strangelove CD 1994 Sonic Records
The Original Maxi-Singles Collection CD 2014 Pokorny Music Solutions
Greatest Hits & Remixes CD 2016 ZYX Music
Italodisco – Maxisingles CD 2020 MagicRecords


Title Format Year Label
Don't Cry Tonight 12" 1983 Discomagic
Only You 12" 1984 Discomagic
Radio / A Love Again 12" 1984 Discomagic
A Love Again (Special Remix) / Fugitive 12" 1985 Discomagic
Time 12" 1985 Discomagic
Celebrate 12" 1986 Emergent
Love Is Death 12" 1986 Discomagic
So Close 12" 1988 Discomagic
I'm Losing You Remix 12" 1988 Discomagic
I'M Losing You 12" 1988 Discomagic
I Just Died In Your Arms 12" 1989 Euroenergy
Goodbye 12" 1989 Discomagic
Don't Cry Tonight '89 Version 12" 1989 Discomagic
Don't Leave Me 12" 1990 Euroenergy
Something / Strangelove 12" 1993 Dwa Records
12" Remix Vol. 1 12" 1994 Dwa Records
Don't You Want Me 12" 1994 Dwa Records
12" Remix Vol. 2 12" 1994 Dwa Records
Twothousandnine 12" 2009 Dwa Records
I Love You (Vinyl Maxi Single 12") 12" 2020 Dwa Records
Don'T Cry Tonight 7" 1983 Discomagic
Radio / A Love Again 7" 1984 Discomagic
Only You 7" 1984 Discomagic
Time 7" 1985 Discomagic
Love Is Death 7" 1986 Cgd
Celebrate 7" 1986 Ricordi
I'm Loosing You 7" 1988 Emi
Don't You Want Me CD 1994 Dwa Records


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