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Roberto Rosario

Roberto Rosario Gonzalez; is a Puerto Rican software engineer, best known for his work evangelising and promoting Free Software use and creation in the government of Puerto Rico,[1] and for his initiaves towards citizen open access to government data[2] as well as civic hacking promotion.[3][4] He is also a civil rights activist and privacy advocate,[5][6] creating software in one instance specifically designed to circument the measures proposed by the SOPA legislation.[7] He promotes the increase of students into STEM careers by sponsoring and volunteering at student hackathons [8] and also by sponsoring groups that work towards increasing the amount of women into STEM fields.[9]

Roberto Rosario
Roberto Rosario PyCon It 2015.jpeg
Roberto Rosario at PyCon Italia 2015
Born Roberto Rosario González
Nationality American
Occupation Software engineer
Employer Cryptico Corporation
Known for Mayan (software)


On April 14, 2015,[10] Rosario announced the creation of Python Latino, an initiative to create the Latinamerican Python community.[11] He is currently the main organizer of the initiative. As an extension of his desire to help create and grow the Latinamerican Python community, Rosario on April 30, 2015, announced his intention to run in the 2015 Python Software Foundation Board of Directors election.[12] Being the first PSF candidate of Latino origins,[13] his move has been applauded by members of the Python community,[14][15] specially for his desire to turn PyCon Cuba from a joke [16][17][18] into a reality.[19]


In August, 2012 it was discovered that there were companies redistributing the software Mayan EDMS under terms that violated the software's license.[20] Roberto Rosario as copyright holder of the software in question made the discovery public which resulted in a discussion of the rights of the copyright holders under the GPL license.[21][22]