Roberto Escalada born Aldo Roberto Leggero (4 July 1914 – 5 December 1986 in Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor, an icon of the classic era of Argentine cinema.

Roberto Escalada began his career working on the radio, and it was his voice that caught the attention of producers. On meeting him, film producers, pleased by his physical appearance, immediately put him in as a member of different movie casts.

One of his more acclaimed films of the 1940s was Los Pulpos (The Octopuses), a film directed by Carlos Hugo Christensen.

In 1950, Escalada played the central role in Mr Oribe's Crime, based on Bioy Casares' short novel. In 1955 he played a conniving businessman in Ayer fue primavera (Yesterday it was spring), directed by Fernando Ayala.

His life changed at the beginning of the 1960s when he got married and start working on TV. As a heavy smoker, he had some health concerns during the 1960s, and he spent the later years of this life in television taking a number of smaller roles.

He made over 55 film and TV appearances in Argentina between 1939 and 1980.

His health declined in the early 1980s, and he died on 5 December 1986 of a smoking related heart attack at age 72 in Buenos Aires.

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