Robert Norton (typographer)

Robert Norton (1929–2001) was a British publisher, consultant on printing and Microsoft executive.[1][2]

The son of the children's author Mary Norton, he established the company Photoscript, a phototypesetting technology company, before moving into digital font technology.[1][3] He later moved to Seattle to take up a position as an executive at Microsoft, advising on fonts to be included with Windows.[1][4][5] Many of the release notes accompanying Microsoft typefaces were written by him.[4] While in Washington, he self-published the book Types Best Remembered/Types Best Forgotten on good and bad choices of font.[6]

He married Abigail Scully in the United States and had four children.[1] After retiring from Microsoft in 1997, he ran his fine press brand, the Parsimony Press, in Huntspill, Somerset.[7][8]


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