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Robert Freedman (political scientist)

Robert Freedman (Robert O. Freedman, Robert Owen Freedman) is an American political scientist who holds appointments at Baltimore Hebrew University and at the Johns Hopkins University.[1]

Freedman received his BA in Diplomatic History from the University of Pennsylvania and his MA and Ph.D degrees in International Relations from Columbia University.


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  • The Intifada: Its Impact on Israel, the Arab World, and the Superpowers, University Press of Florida, 1991
  • The Middle East after Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait, University Press of Florida, 1993
  • Israel in the Begin Era (1982) (edited)
  • Israel Under Rabin (1995)(edited)
  • The Middle East and the Peace Process (1998) (edited)
  • Israel's First Fifty Years (2000) (edited)
  • The Middle East Enters the 21st Century (2002) (edited)


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