Roamler is a Dutch information technology company which specializes in crowd-sourced solutions[buzzword] for business.

Roamler B.V.
IndustryInformation Technology
FoundedJune 19, 2011 (2011-06-19) in Amsterdam, Netherlands
FoundersWiggert de Haan
Martijn Nijhuis
HeadquartersNDSM-Plein 20,
Areas served
Key people
Jeroen ten Haave
(Group Chief Executive)
Number of employees
DivisionsRoamler Tech, Roamler UK, Roamler Deutschland, Roamler France, Roamler Belux
SubsidiariesRoamler Italia, Roamler Iberica, Roamler Turkey

The company communicates with them through the dedicated Roamler smartphone app, which allows registered members to choose and perform available tasks according to their experience level, language and proximity to the location of the requested assignment.[1]

Founded in 2011, Roamler is currently active in field marketing, providing FMCG manufacturers, consumer brands and retail chains with crowd-sourced location based insights and on-demand merchandising activities.

In 2016 Roamler launched Roamler Tech which is currently available in The Netherlands and since 2020 in the UK and Germany which makes exclusive use of a crowd of registered independent professionals. The company provides smart home, IOT, telco, utility, mobility (including EV audits, installations) and furnishing companies with a certified crowd of workers, who execute tasks on-demand at scale from audits, first fix/fault diagnosis,installs, service to repairs or even in home/business support.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Roamler has offices in the UK, Germany,[2] France[3] and Belgium and licensed partners in Italy,[4] Spain and Turkey.


Roamler was founded in June 2011 by Wiggert de Haan and Martijn Nijhuis, two Dutch entrepreneurs.

In 2015 the company opened branches in the UK, Germany, Belgium and France and started partnerships in Italy, Spain and in Turkey.

At the beginning of 2016, Roamler launched Roamler Tech, the first Dutch company to apply the principles of crowd-sourcing to the professional home installations market, by using a crowd of registered independent professionals.

In April 2016 Roamler completed a 4.5 million euro investment,[5] co-founded by Endeit Capital, to expand its activities further.

International LaunchesEdit

Year Country
2011 Netherlands, United Kingdom
2013 Chile, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden
2014 Belgium, Colombia, France, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain, Turkey
2016 Roamler Tech Netherlands

System and SoftwareEdit

Roamler makes use of proprietary software for its front and backend activities.

The Roamler app[6] is free and available for both iOS and Android upon registration. In order to keep a fair balance between the offer and the demand of tasks, the company has introduced a white and hot spots system. Users who are located inside a hot spot need an invite code to be able to complete their registration and become active members.

Users are ranked according to experience points and levels. In order to be able to perform paid tasks, a user must reach level 2.

The app also contains an instant message platform, through which users can communicate directly with the company support department.


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