Road infrastructure in Canberra

Road classificationEdit

Route numbersEdit

The ACT generally does not number its highway and freeway grade roads; those that are numbered, are interstate highways and their connecting roads. The ACT is preparing to introduce the NSW alpha-numeric route system for these thoroughfares. The new system will be implemented in 2013 at the same time as NSW completes its own transition to alphanumeric numbering.[1]

Road hierarchyEdit

The ACT classifies its roads into four groups, depending on its physical properties and role within the road network:[2]

Arterial roadsEdit

These roads serve long distance travellers within or between districts, and support large volumes of traffic. They may be limited access, or controlled-access. A small number of these roads have relatively high levels of property access due to city design requirements at the time.

Major collector roadsEdit

These roads serve local area traffic distributing to or from minor collector roads, and also link to the arterial network. Well designed property access is permissible.

Minor collector roadsEdit

These roads serve neighbourhood traffic, and provide access from the major collector roads into residential areas. Normal direct property access is permissible at this level. Secondary links to the arterial network are possible.

Access streetsEdit

These streets are the lowest road type in the hierarchy, and provide access to the bulk of residential homes.

List of major roadways in the ACTEdit

Controlled-access roadsEdit

Controlled-access roads in the ACT are often known as parkways either by name, or at some stage during their development, these generally (but not always) travel through peripheral areas between urbanised regions.

*Partially limited-access

Limited-access roadsEdit

^Partially controlled-access

Major InterchangesEdit

Tourist DrivesEdit

The ACT has 7 colour coded and themed tourist drives explore the city and nearby bushland.

It is also the southern terminus of the Remembrance Driveway, which is a system of arboreal parks, plantations, and road-side rest areas dedicated to former and current members of the Australian Defence Force. There are also memorial parks and rest areas along the route which honour Australia's Victoria Cross recipients.

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