Road 84 (Iran)

Road 84 is a road in southeastern Iran. It is the most important transit road in that area of Iran. It connects Pakistan to Kerman and Tehran Road 71.[1]

Road 84
جاده 84
Route information
Part of AH2
Length824 km (512 mi)
Major junctions
FromMirjaveh, Sistan and Baluchestan
PakistanPakistani Border
Pakistan N-40.svg N-40
 Road86.png Road 86
Iran First Level Road 91.png Road 91
Road93.png Road 93
Iran First Level Road 95.png Road 95
ToAnar, Kerman
Square in Iran.pngIran First Level Road 71.png Road 71
ProvincesSistan and Baluchestan, Kerman
Major citiesZahedan, Sistan and Baloochestan
Bam, Kerman
Mahan, Kerman
Kerman, Kerman
Highway system
Highways in Iran




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