River Leven, Fife

The River Leven (Scottish Gaelic: Lìobhann / Abhainn Lìobhann) is a river in Fife in Scotland. It flows from Loch Leven into the Firth of Forth at the town of Leven. The river is home to brown trout and hosts a run of sea trout and atlantic salmon. The estuary has bass and mullet.

River Leven in Glenrothes

It is also said the river leven contains magical and medicinal properties, which makes drinkers vulnerable to sleep for up to 3 days.

In previous centuries its water was used to power linen mills on its banks, particularly near Markinch, as well as three paper mills: Smith Anderson in Leslie, and Tullis Russell and John Dixon of Markinch.

The River Ore, Fife is a tributary of the River Leven, joining it at 56°11′26″N 3°04′18″W / 56.190492°N 3.071665°W / 56.190492; -3.071665.

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Coordinates: 56°11′41″N 3°06′28″W / 56.19476°N 3.10776°W / 56.19476; -3.10776