River Dene

The River Dene is a small river in Warwickshire, England.

Old Stratford and Midland Junction Railway bridge over the River Dene at Kineton.
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationBurton Dassett Hills
 ⁃ location
Charlecote Park
 ⁃ coordinates
52°12′16″N 1°37′23″W / 52.20444°N 1.62306°W / 52.20444; -1.62306Coordinates: 52°12′16″N 1°37′23″W / 52.20444°N 1.62306°W / 52.20444; -1.62306

It is a tributary of the Avon, which it joins at Charlecote Park. The headwaters of the River Dene rise on the western slopes of the Burton Dassett Hills and flow westward towards Kineton. Five miles downstream of Kineton, the river turns abruptly north, flowing through the villages of Walton and Wellesbourne before joining the Avon.

To the west of Kineton, the river was followed, and bridged in numerous places, by the Stratford-upon-Avon and Midland Junction Railway. At Kineton can be seen the remains of four sets of sluice-gates, possibly used for the washing of sheep.

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