Rivarol (magazine)

Rivarol is a French nationalist and far-right weekly magazine.[2] The editor of the magazine, Fabrice Bourbon, was fined due to his article in the magazine, which allegedly regarded by a court as incitement to hatred against Jews.[3]

EditorFabrice Jérôme Bourbon
Former editorsMarie France Wacquez
Circulation3000 [1]
Year foundedJanuary 1951; 69 years ago (1951-01)
Based inParis
WebsiteOfficial website

On 8 April 2016, around 600 fans of the magazine, attended a banquet in a Paris hotel, to celebrate the 65-year run of the magazine. The banquet included Jean-Marie Le Pen, Pierre Sidos, Yvan Benedetti, Alexandre Gabriac and Robert Faurisson[1]


Established in January 1951,[4] the magazine was started as a meeting point, for those who had collaborated with the Nazis or who had been active with the Vichy regime and had just freed from prison.[1] Previous editor of the magazine was Marie France Wacquez.[5]


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