Rivadeneyra Shoal

Rivadeneyra Shoal is a shoal or seamount in the Eastern Pacific Ocean between Malpelo Island and Cocos Island. It was reported in October 1842 at the position 4°15′N 85°10′W / 4.250°N 85.167°W / 4.250; -85.167Coordinates: 4°15′N 85°10′W / 4.250°N 85.167°W / 4.250; -85.167 with a depth of 10 feet. It was unsuccessfully searched for by the British war vessels HMS Cockatrice and HMS Havannah in 1854 and 1857 respectively, and by the USS Mohican in 1885.

1891 German map showing Rivadeneyra Shoal.


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