Risk (magazine)

Risk magazine provides news and analysis covering the financial industry, with a particular focus on risk management, derivatives and complex finance. It includes articles and papers on credit risk, market risk, risk systems, swap option pricing, derivatives risk and pricing, regulation and asset management. Articles include news, features, comment, analysis and mathematical papers. Risk has a tradition of covers featuring pieces of abstract modern art.

Categoriestrade magazine
FounderPeter Field
Year founded1987
CompanyInfopro Digital
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inLondon

The magazine was founded by Peter Field in 1987. It was owned by Risk Waters Group, then acquired by Incisive Media, and is now owned by Infopro Digital.[1] Editors include: Tom Osborn, Philip Alexander, Lukas Becker, Rob Mannix and Mauro Cesa, with Duncan Wood as Editor-in-Chief. Energy Risk — a sister title that covers energy trading and risk management — was spun off in 1994.[2]

Risk magazine has another sister publication – Asia Risk – focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.

Risk also runs industry-specific events, including the annual Risk awards,[3] and has an extensive global conferences and training programme. In 2003, Risk magazine launched a financial risk management website that provides news updates as a digital subscription.


Risk.net is a news and analysis website covering the financial industry, with a particular focus on regulation, derivatives, risk management asset management and commodities. Risk.net publishes on widely reported stories and analytical articles.[citation needed]

Risk.net financial coverage includes operational risk, accounting, FRTB, structured products, valuation adjustments, electronic trading, clearing, interest rate risk, energy, oil, gas, power, Mifid, liquidity risk and Solvency II.

The editorial team on Risk.net includes: Duncan Wood (Editor-in-chief), Tom Osborn (Risk Management editor), Rob Mannix (Asset Management and Insurance editor), Lukas Becker (Derivatives editor), Philip Alexander (Regulation editor), Olesya Dmitracova (London bureau chief), Kris Devasabai (Bureau chief for New York), Narayanan Somasundaram (Hong Kong bureau chief), Luke Clancy (Editor-at-large), Helen Bartholomew (Editor-at-large) and Alexander Campbell (Divisional content editor).[citation needed][4]

Risk JournalsEdit

Risk Journals deliver peer-reviewed research covering financial risk topics such as credit risk, operational risk, investment strategies, commodities, infrastructures, derivatives, regulation. Each quarter, Risk Journals publish technical papers.[citation needed]

Titles of the journals include: Journal of Risk, Journal of Credit Risk, Journal of Operational Risk, Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, Journal of Computational Finance, Journal of Risk Model Validation, Journal of Energy Markets, Journal of Network Theory in Finance and Journal of Investment Strategies.

Risk BooksEdit

Risk Books has been publishing and distributing specialist financial risk management books for more than 20 years. There are more than 180 different titles currently in print and digital formats. Risk Books covers a wide range of technical subjects for academics, practitioners, investors and corporate users, ranging from derivatives, hedge funds, quant analysis, credit, regulatory issues and operational risk to the energy, insurance and currency markets.


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