Rising Star (Greek TV series)

Rising Star (translated as Ανερχόμενο Αστέρι) is a Greek interactive reality singing competition, which was first broadcast on ANT1 from December 12, 2016. It is based on the Rising Star franchise created by Keshet Broadcasting.

Rising Star
GenreReality television
Presented byGiorgos Liagas
Kalomoira (Backstage)
JudgesAntonis Remos
Despina Vandi
Kostas Makedonas
Christos Mastoras
Country of originGreece
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes19
Production locationsAthens, Kapa Studios
Running time240 minutes
Production companyKeshet
Original release
ReleaseDecember 12, 2016 (2016-12-12) –
April 18, 2017 (2017-04-18)

Format edit

Pre Audition edit

As the season begins, each contestant is asked to perform a well-known song in front of judges. After the song a vote is taken among judges whether to transfer the applicant to the test stage facing the audience at home. If the judges are not sure about how to vote, the contestant is required to perform another song, and then a decision is made. Judges selected 96 performances between them the 3 of them, are duets. Radio station "Rythmos 94.9" hosted a draw which was called "Rythmos Auditions". The winner of the "Rythmos Auditions" qualified to the live auditions. The official YouTube channel of ANT1, organized a draw which was called "Youtube Auditions". The winner was determined from the video likes and qualified to the live auditions. The total of performances in Live Auditions was 98.

Live Auditions edit

Acts are announced. Only 16 contestants in waiting get the chance of actually performing during the show that day. As a reportage of the randomly announced performer is shown, viewers are invited to register for voting for that specific act. As the candidate makes to the stage, the host has a very brief conversation with him/her. With a countdown of three seconds, the candidate has to start performing behind a screen called "The Wall". With start of performance, the voting kicks in. Registered voters have the option of voting just "yes" or "no". Non-votes are also considered "no" votes. If a panelist (excluding the host) votes "yes", another 7% is added to the tally of the contestant. The contestants also see random photos of voters in their favour. Faces of panelists voting "yes" will also be shown in much larger frames. Once the contestant reaches 70% of "Yes" votes, the wall is raised and the contestant goes to the next round of the competition.

Duels edit

Contestants who make it through the auditions are paired by the judges to face off in a duel. The first contestant to sing, sings with the wall up and sets the benchmark for the second contestant. The second contestant sings with the wall down. If the second contestant betters the first contestant's vote total, the wall rises and the second contestant is through to the next round while the first contestant is eliminated. If the second contestant fails to raise the wall, the second contestant is eliminated and the first contestant is through. The panelist of judges is 5%.

Duets edit

The rival teams in the duels are joined and the contestants of the two teams, are paired in a duet. The competition system is similar to with the duels. In the end of the live, the judges select four contestants to participate in the "Hot Seat" rounds. At this stage, do not vote the judges and vote only the world.

Hot Seat edit

In the first live of round "Hot Seat", the οpponents of the contestants is their groups identical. The first contestant sings with the wall up, the other contestants perform with the wall down. The contestants with the lowest score in every team, are eliminated. In the second, third and fourth live, the first contestant performs with the wall up and the other contestants sing with the wall down. The contestant with the worst score, is eliminated. In fifth live (Quarter-Final), the contestants with the worst score from every team they will perform for second time and the worst of the four contestants, is eliminated. Judges vote is 5%.

Semi-final & Final edit

In the Semi-Final, the contestants perform with the wall up. The semi-final divided in 2 rounds. The contestant with the highest vote in every round, qualifies automatically. In the end of the semi-final, the judges select the contestant who want to participate in the final. The vote panelist of judges is 5%. The winner was Giannis Xanthopoulos from the team of Christos Mastoras.