Riksettan or Turistväg Riksettan is the name of a scenic route that goes from Vaggeryd in the north, through Värnamo, Ljungby, Markaryd, and ends in Örkelljunga in the south. The route is part of the classic national road Riksväg 1 and goes parallel with the E4 and the river Lagan.

The design of Riksettan's sign is based on the old sign for Riksväg 1.

The route is primarily intended for tourists as a more scenic and cultural alternative to the highway. The road is suitable for both cars, motorcycles and bicycles. It is possible for additional municipalities along the old Riksväg 1 to join Riksettan and thus have it extended.[1]


Riksettan is portmanteau and was originally the colloquial term for Riksväg 1. The first part of the word, Riks-, derives from the Swedish word Riksväg which means "national road", or more literally "road of the realm". The second part, -ettan, derives from the definite form of "Ett", the Swedish word for the number "One".

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