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Richard Wright Nowels Jr. is an American songwriter and record producer.[1] He is a multi-instrumentalist and has written with, or had his songs recorded by a number of artists including Lana Del Rey, Adele, Kesha, Marina and the Diamonds, Lykke Li, Jamie xx, Brandon Flowers, Madonna, Cee-Lo Green, Sia, Dido, New Radicals,[2] Rod Stewart, Nelly Furtado, John Legend and Andre 3000, Tiesto, Santana, Tupac Shakur, Fleetwood Mac, Belinda Carlisle, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Stevie Nicks.[3]

Rick Nowels
Birth nameRichard Wright Nowels Jr.
BornPalo Alto, California, Los Altos, California, United States
  • Songwriter
  • record producer
InstrumentsGuitars, keyboards, bass
Associated acts

Nowels co-wrote the title track for Celine Dion's album Falling into You, which won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1997.[4] He also co-wrote the track "White Flag" for Dido, which won the 2004 Ivor Novello Award for International Hit of the Year.[5]


Name of song, featured performers, originating album, year released and specified role.
Title Year Artist Album Songwriter Producer
Primary Secondary Additional Vocal
"Lydia!" 1981 Marty Balin Balin  Y
"I Can't Wait" 1985 Stevie Nicks Rock a Little  Y  Y
"Sister Honey"  Y
"The Nightmare"  Y
"If I Were You"  Y  Y
"Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?"  Y
"Just Lust" 1986 Joan Jett and
the Blackhearts
Good Music  Y
"Heart Wars" 1987 Jennifer Rush Heart over Mind  Y
"Don't Lose Any Sleep" John Waite Rover's Return  Y
"Sometimes"  Y
"Big Time for Love"  Y
"Spirit of Love" Laura Branigan Touch  Y
"Heaven Is a Place on Earth" Belinda Carlisle Heaven on Earth  Y  Y
"Circle in the Sand"  Y  Y
"I Feel Free"  Y
"Should I Let You In?"  Y
"World Without You"  Y
"I Get Weak"  Y
"We Can Change"  Y  Y
"Fool for Love"  Y
"Nobody Owns Me"  Y
"Love Never Dies"  Y  Y
"Perfect View" 1989 The Graces Perfect View  Y
"Time Waits for No One"  Y
"What Does It Take?" Then Jerico The Big Area  Y
"Reeling"  Y
"Where You Lie"  Y
"Sugar Box"  Y
"Helpless"  Y
"Rooms on Fire" Stevie Nicks The Other Side of the Mirror  Y
"Long Way to Go"  Y
"Two Kinds of Love"
(with Bruce Hornsby)
"Ooh My Love"  Y
"Leave a Light On" Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses  Y  Y
"Runaway Horses"  Y  Y
"Vision of You"  Y  Y
"Summer Rain"  Y
"La Luna"  Y  Y
"(We Want) The Same Thing"  Y  Y
"Deep Deep Ocean"  Y
"Valentine"  Y
"Whatever It Takes"  Y  Y
"Shades of Michaelangelo"  Y
"Lay Down Your Guns" 1990 Jimmy Barnes Two Fires  Y
"Live Your Life Be Free" 1991 Belinda Carlisle Live Your Life Be Free  Y  Y
"Do You Feel Like I Feel?"  Y  Y
"You Came Out of Nowhere"  Y  Y
"You're Nothing Without Me"  Y  Y
"I Plead Insanity"  Y  Y
"Emotional Highway"  Y  Y
"Love Revolution"  Y  Y
"World of Love"  Y
"Love is Holy" 1992 Kim Wilde Love Is  Y  Y
"I Won't Change the Way I Feel"  Y  Y
"A Miracle's Coming"  Y  Y
"Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind" 1994 Stevie Nicks Street Angel  Y
"Body and Soul" Anita Baker Rhythm of Love  Y
"My Father's Eyes" Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo Marie Claire D'Ubaldo  Y  Y
"Falling into You"  Y  Y
"No Turning Back"  Y  Y
"You Never Love the Same Way Twice" Rozalla Look No Further  Y  Y
"Sleeping with An Angel" 1995 Real McCoy Another Night  Y  Y
"Crossing the River" The Devlins Batman Forever OST  Y  Y
"In Too Deep" Jenny Morris Salvation Jane  Y  Y
"Naked and Sacred" Chynna Phillips Naked and Sacred  Y  Y
"Remember Me"  Y  Y
"Falling into You" 1996 Celine Dion Falling into You  Y  Y
"Sex Will Keep Us Together" Divinyls Underworld  Y
"One and One"
(featuring Maria Nayler)
Robert Miles Dreamland  Y
"In Too Deep" Belinda Carlisle A Woman and a Man  Y
"California"  Y
"Remember September"  Y
"Love in the Key of C"  Y
"My Heart Goes Out to You"  Y
"I Wouldn't Be Here If I Didn't Have You" Stolen Hearts OST  Y  Y
"L'Éclat De Nos Cœurs" 1997 Native Couleurs De L'Amour  Y
"Naked Without You" Roachford Feel  Y
"Intimacy" The Corrs Talk on Corners  Y  Y
"I Give Myself (Up) to You" Edyta Górniak Edyta Górniak  Y
"One & One"  Y
"Intimacy" Meja Seven Sisters  Y
"Naked and Sacred" 1998 Maria Nayler Non-album single  Y  Y
"The Power of Good-Bye" Madonna Ray of Light  Y
"To Have and Not to Hold"  Y
"Little Star"  Y
"I Was Thinking of You" The Tuesdays The Tuesdays  Y
"Open Mind" Des'ree Life EP  Y  Y
"Get a Life"  Y  Y
"Time" Supernatural  Y  Y
"Everytime It Rains" Ace of Base Cruel Summer  Y
"The Heart's Lone Desire" Matthew Marsden Say Who  Y  Y
"Will You Be with Me?" Maria Nayler Non-album single  Y
"Naked Without You" Taylor Dayne Naked Without You  Y
"I Have Always Loved You" No Mercy More  Y
"You Get What You Give" New Radicals Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too  Y
"Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)" NSYNC The Winter Album  Y
"Loving You" 1999 Me & My Let the Love Go On  Y
"Sexual (Li Da Di)" Amber Amber  Y
"Naked Without You" Joe Cocker No Ordinary World  Y
"Above the Clouds" Amber Amber  Y
"Love One Another"  Y
"Northern Star" Melanie C Northern Star  Y
"I Turn to You"  Y  Y
"If That Were Me"  Y  Y
"Closer"  Y
"Feel the Sun"  Y
"Anywhere But Here" K.d. lang Anywhere But Here OST  Y  Y
"I Have Always Loved You" Enrique Iglesias Enrique  Y
"Oyeme"  Y  Y
"A Prayer for Everyone" Belinda Carlisle A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits  Y
"Sky" 2000 Sonique Hear My Cry  Y  Y
"I Wonder What It Would Be Like" Melanie C Non-album single  Y
"Whatever Turns You On" Devin Here on Earth OST  Y  Y
"Girl in Tears" MyTown MyTown  Y  Y
"The Consequences of Falling" K.d. lang Invincible Summer  Y
"Life is a Rollercoaster" Ronan Keating Ronan  Y  Y
"Heal Me"  Y  Y
"Bless You Child" Bette Midler Bette  Y  Y
"Inner Smile" Texas The Greatest Hits  Y
"Fuoco nel fuoco" Eros Ramazzotti Stilelibero  Y
"Più che puoi"
(with Cher)
"He'll Come Home" Rita Time for Peace  Y
"Be Free" 2001 Live Element Non-album single  Y
"I Can't Deny It" Rod Stewart Human  Y  Y
"Yes!" Amber Naked  Y
"I Miss You" Stevie Nicks Trouble in Shangri-La  Y  Y
"Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" Geri Halliwell Scream If You Wanna Go Faster  Y  Y
"Shake Your Bootie Cutie"  Y  Y
"Strength of a Woman"  Y  Y
"Erase Her" LFO Life is Good  Y  Y
(solo / featuring Kelis)
 Y  Y
"If I Learn to Fly"  Y  Y
"Believer" Jennie Lofgren Meant to Be  Y  Y
"Meant to Be"  Y  Y
"This Day"  Y  Y
"Sleep"  Y  Y
"Standing Still" Jewel This Way  Y
"This Way"  Y
"I Won't Walk Away"  Y
"Destiny" Geri Halliwell Non-album single  Y  Y
"Think Positive" 2002 Maria Montell Think Positive  Y
"Hard Candy"  Y
"Tears from the Moon"
(featuring Sinead O'Connor)
Conjure One Conjure One  Y  Y
"Lift Me Up"
(with Darren Hayes)
Olivia Newton-John 2  Y  Y
"Tears from the Moon" Lunascape Reflecting Syelence  Y
"Sleep with Me" Edyta Gorniak Perla  Y
"Creepin' Up on You" Darren Hayes Spin  Y  Y
"I Can't Ever Get Enough of You"  Y  Y
"Like It or Not"  Y  Y
"What You Like"  Y  Y
"Where You Want to Be"  Y  Y
"Lift Me Up"  Y  Y
"I Love It When We Do" Ronan Keating Destination  Y  Y
"Love Won't Work (If We Don't Try)"  Y  Y
"Come Be My Baby"  Y  Y
"Lovin' Each Day"  Y
"My One Thing That's Real"  Y  Y
"Time for Love"  Y  Y
"Blown Away"  Y  Y
"As Much As I Can Give You Girl"  Y  Y
"Pickin' Me Up"  Y  Y
"Never's Such a Long Time" Lamya Learning from Falling  Y
"The Game of Love"
(featuring Michelle Branch)
Santana Shaman  Y  Y
(featuring Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo)
Conjure One Conjure One  Y  Y
"On the Horizon" 2003 Melanie C Reason  Y  Y
"Inferno High Love" Kelli Ali Tigermouth  Y  Y
"Teardrop Hittin' the Ground"  Y  Y
"Keep on Dreaming"  Y  Y
"Angel in L.A."  Y  Y
"Here Comes the Summer"  Y  Y
"Fellow Man"  Y  Y
"Queen of the World"  Y  Y
"Wings in Motion"  Y  Y
"The Infinite Stars"  Y  Y
"Kids"  Y  Y
"Tigermouth"  Y  Y
"Everybody Finds Out" Fleetwood Mac Say You Will  Y
"Sweet Temptation" Jewel 0304  Y
"Yes U Can"  Y
"White Flag" Dido Life for Rent  Y
"Sand in My Shoes"  Y
"Do You Have a Little Time"  Y
"This Land is Mine"  Y
"Closer"  Y
"When You Say You Love Me" Clay Aiken Measure of a Man  Y  Y
"Action" Holly Valance State of Mind  Y  Y
"Believer" Atomic Kitten Ladies Night  Y  Y
"When You Say You Love Me" 2004 Human Nature Walk the Tightrope  Y  Y
"Meant to Be"  Y  Y
"Never Felt Like This Before" Shaznay Lewis Open  Y  Y
"Dance"  Y  Y
"You"  Y  Y
"Mi abbandono a te" Laura Pausini Resta in ascolto  Y  Y
"If It's Too Late" Natalia This Time  Y
"Even God Can't Change the Past" 2005 Charlotte Church Tissues and Issues  Y
"Hypnotic" Craig David The Story Goes...  Y  Y
"One Last Dance"  Y  Y
"Just Chillin'"  Y  Y
"Just Hold On" Texas Red Book  Y  Y
"Everytime It Rains" Sean Ensign Finally  Y
"In God's Hands" 2006 Nelly Furtado Loose  Y  Y
"Somebody to Love"  Y  Y
"My Idea of Heaven" Leigh Nash Blue on Blue  Y
"Nervous in the Light of Dawn"  Y
"A Teardrop Hitting the Ground" The Veronicas The Secret Life Of...  Y  Y
"Chick Fit" All Saints Studio 1  Y  Y
"Put Your Arms Around Me" 2007 Sandra The Art of Love  Y  Y
"Casino Royale"  Y  Y
"Runaway" Nelly Furtado Non-album single  Y  Y
"Jealous Girl" Nana Tanimura  Y
"I Can't Wait" Young Divas New Attitude  Y
"Soon We'll Be Found" 2008 Sia Some People Have Real Problems  Y
"My Heart Can't Change" Taylor Dayne Satisfied  Y
"Music in My Soul" Sandi Thom The Pink & The Lily  Y
"Green Light" John Legend Evolver  Y
"Next Plane Home" Daniel Powter Under the Radar  Y
"Fallin' for You" 2009 Colbie Caillat Breakthrough  Y  Y
"Runnin' Around"  Y  Y
"Break Through"  Y  Y
"Don't Hold Me Down"  Y
"Never Let You Go"  Y
"Hold Your Head High"  Y  Y
"Leave a Light On" Erik Gronwall Erik Grönwall  Y
"Unbreakable" 2010 Dennis Blonde  Y
"Standing Right in Front of You" Keith Urban Defying Gravity  Y
"Thank You"  Y
"Plague of Love" Katie Melua The House  Y
"Twisted"  Y
"I Love You Forever" Jewel Sweet and Wild  Y
"Hang On" Weezer Hurley  Y
"Represent"  Y
"Satisfied" CeeLo Green The Lady Killer  Y
"Cry Baby"  Y
"I Follow Rivers" 2011 Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes  Y
"Brixton Briefcase"
(featuring CeeLo Green)
Chase & Status No More Idols  Y  Y
"Youth Knows No Pain" Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes  Y
"Love Out of Lust"  Y
"Sadness is a Blessing"  Y
"Jerome"  Y
"Living in the Moment" Jason Mraz Love Is a Four Letter Word  Y  Y
"The World as I See It"  Y  Y
"Before I Let You Go" Colbie Caillat All of You  Y  Y
"What If"  Y  Y
"Dream Life, Life"  Y  Y
"In Love with the World" Aura Dione Before the Dinosaurs  Y  Y
"Into the Wild"  Y  Y
"Masterpiece"  Y  Y
"America"  Y  Y
"Recipe"  Y  Y
"Superhuman"  Y  Y
"Before the Dinosaurs"  Y  Y
"Dark Paradise" 2012 Lana Del Rey Born to Die  Y  Y
"Summertime Sadness"  Y  Y
"Lucky Ones"  Y  Y
"Bubblegum Bitch" Marina Electra Heart  Y  Y
"Homewrecker"  Y  Y
"The State of Dreaming"  Y  Y
"Valley of the Dolls"  Y  Y
"Hypocrates"  Y  Y
"Believers (Arab Spring)" Nelly Furtado The Spirit Indestructible  Y  Y
"End of the World"  Y  Y
"Cry"  Y  Y
"Play"  Y  Y
"Nineteen Again" Ronan Keating Fires  Y  Y
"Get Back to What is Real"  Y  Y
"Will You Ever Be Mine?"  Y  Y
"American" Lana Del Rey Paradise EP  Y  Y
"Cola"  Y  Y
"Body Electric"  Y  Y
"Silver Line" 2014 Lykke Li I Never Learn  Y
"Gunshot"  Y
"Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone"  Y
"Heart of Steel"  Y
"West Coast" Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence  Y
"Sad Girl"  Y  Y
"Black Beauty"  Y  Y
"Guns and Roses"  Y  Y
"Is This Happiness"  Y
"Loud Places"
(featuring Romy)
2015 Jamie xx In Colour  Y
"Untangled Love" Brandon Flowers The Desired Effect  Y
"High by the Beach" Lana Del Rey Honeymoon  Y  Y
"Music to Watch Boys To"  Y  Y
"Honeymoon"  Y  Y
"Terrence Loves You"  Y  Y
"God Knows I Tried"  Y  Y
"Freak"  Y  Y
"Art Deco"  Y  Y
"Burnt Norton (Interlude)"  Y
"Religion"  Y  Y
"Salvatore"  Y  Y
"The Blackest Day"  Y  Y
"24"  Y  Y
"Swan Song"  Y  Y
"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"  Y
"Wicked Love" 2016 Foxes All I Need  Y
"Good to Love" FKA Twigs Non-album single  Y  Y
"Wrong Crowd" Tom Odell Wrong Crowd  Y
"Magnetised"  Y  Y
"Still Getting Used to Being On My Own"  Y
"She Don't Belong to Me"  Y
"Mystery"  Y
"Unravelling" Melanie C Version of Me  Y
"Love" 2017 Lana Del Rey Lust for Life  Y  Y
"Lust for Life"
(featuring The Weeknd)
 Y  Y
"To Be Human"
(featuring Labrinth)
Sia Wonder Woman OST  Y
"Summer Bummer"
(featuring ASAP Rocky and Playboi Carti)
Lana Del Rey Lust for Life  Y
"Groupie Love"
(featuring ASAP Rocky)
 Y  Y
"Lost in Your Light"
(featuring Miguel)
Dua Lipa Dua Lipa  Y
"13 Beaches" Lana Del Rey Lust for Life  Y  Y
"Cherry"  Y
"White Mustang"  Y  Y
"In My Feelings"  Y  Y
"Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind"  Y  Y
"God Bless America - And All the Beautiful
Women In It"
 Y  Y
"When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing"  Y  Y
"Beautiful People Beautiful Problems"
(featuring Stevie Nicks)
 Y  Y
"Tomorrow Never Came"
(featuring Sean Ono Lennon)
 Y  Y
"Heroin"  Y  Y
"Change"  Y  Y
"Get Free"  Y  Y
"Hunt You Down" Kesha Rainbow  Y  Y
"24/7" The Neighbourhood The neighbourhood  Y
(with Empress Of)
DJDS Big Wave More Fire  Y
"Bad Woman" 2018 Lykke Li So Sad So Sexy  Y
"Hurricanes" Dido Still on My Mind  Y
"Out of Love" Alessia Cara The Pains of Growing  Y  Y
"Take You Home" 2019 Dido Still on My Mind  Y
"Soft to Be Strong" Marina Love + Fear  Y To be confirmed


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