Ribeira da Prata

Ribeira da Prata is a town[2] in the northern part of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde belonging to the municipality of Tarrafal. In 2010 its population was 1,009. It was mentioned as Rivera de Prata in the 1747 map by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin.[3]

Ribeira da Prata
Ribeira da Prata is located in Cape Verde
Ribeira da Prata
Coordinates: 15°13′44″N 23°44′42″W / 15.229°N 23.745°W / 15.229; -23.745Coordinates: 15°13′44″N 23°44′42″W / 15.229°N 23.745°W / 15.229; -23.745
CountryCape Verde
Civil parishSanto Amaro Abade
 • Total1,009


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