Riay Tatary

Riay Tatary Bakry (1948–2020) was a Syrian religious leader, chairman of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain. He was imam of the Central Mosque in Madrid, Spain, as well as president of the Islamic Commission of Spain.

Riay Tatary
(Riay Tatary) El Arzobispado de Valencia y la Comisión Islámica colaboran en la atención de refugiados (cropped).jpg
Born19 March 1948 Edit this on Wikidata
Damascus Edit this on Wikidata
Died6 April 2020 Edit this on Wikidata (aged 72)
Hospital Universitario La Paz Edit this on Wikidata


He was born in Damascus on 19 March 1948.[1] He settled in Spain in 1970[2] and studied Medicine at the University of Oviedo. He took part in the advisory committee for Freedom of Religion of the Ministry of Justice, being endowed the Encomienda of the Order of Civil Merit in 1998.[3]

He was interned in March 2020 in the Hospital de la Paz due to COVID-19 along with his wife; Tatary died weeks later, on 6 April, at the age of 72.[4][5] He was buried at the Muslim cemetery of Griñón.[6]


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