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The Riandahy Falls is a waterfall in the region of Ihorombe in Madagascar.[1]

Riandahy Falls
Riandahy Falls is located in Madagascar
Riandahy Falls
LocationIhorombe, Madagascar
Coordinates22°08′50″S 46°53′29″E / 22.14720°S 46.89139°E / -22.14720; 46.89139Coordinates: 22°08′50″S 46°53′29″E / 22.14720°S 46.89139°E / -22.14720; 46.89139
Total height300
WatercourseZomandao River

They are situated on the Zomandao River in the Andringitra Massif near the Andringitra National Park.[2]

At a distance of less than one km from these falls, there are also the Rianbavy Falls[3]


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