Revenge of The Gladiators

Revenge of The Gladiators (Italian: La vendetta dei gladiatori) is a 1964 Italian peplum film written and directed by Luigi Capuano and starring Mickey Hargitay and José Greci.[1][2]

Revenge of The Gladiators
La vendetta dei gladiatori.jpg
Directed byLuigi Capuano
Written byLuigi Capuano
Arpad DeRiso
Roberto Gianviti
StarringMickey Hargitay
José Greci
CinematographyRaffaele Masciocchi
Music byGiuseppe Piccillo
Release date
  • 1964 (1964)


The film depicts the Western Roman Empire in the 450s. The city of Rome itself is besieged by Genseric[citation needed] and his Vandals. The empire is depicted as weak and corrupt, while under the control of the ineffectual emperor Valentinian III and his wife Calpurnia. The Roman general Aetius manages to temporarily halt the advance of the Vandals. Fabius, a son of Aetius, falls in love with princess Priscilla, a daughter of the imperial couple. Genseric plans to marry his own son to Priscilla, in a plot to take over the Roman throne.

Genseric fails to capture Priscilla, but captures Fabius instead. He uses torture while questioning Fabius about the princess' whereabouts. Priscilla surrenders herself to Genseric in exchange for Fabius' safety and freedom. Genseric seemingly agrees to her terms, but eventually double-crosses Priscilla. On her wedding day, Genseric offers Priscilla a crucified Fabius. Fabius' Roman allies soon arrive to rescue him and defeat the Vandals.



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