Resident Commissioner of the Cook Islands

The Resident Commissioner was the highest authority present in the Cook Islands between 1901 and 1965. The post was created on 11 June 1901 when New Zealand took over responsibility for the islands, replacing the British Resident, and was succeeded by the New Zealand High Commissioner. The post-holder was also the presiding officer of the Legislative Council from 1946 until 1957.

List of resident commissionersEdit

The following table is a complete list of resident commissioners from 1901 to 1965:[1]

Dates Resident Commissioner
1901–1909 Walter Edward Gudgeon
1909–1913 James Eman Smith
1913–1916 Henry William Northcroft
1916–1921 Frederick Platts
1921–1923 John George Lewis Hewitt
1923–1937 Hugh Ayson
1937–1938 Stephen Smith
1938–1943 Hugh Ayson
1943–1951 William Tailby
1951–1960 Geoffrey Nevill
1960–1965 Oliver Dare


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