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Reservoir Woods Park is a 120-acre (490,000 m2) park[1] containing some of the highest ground in Roseville, Minnesota.

The site of the park contains a new 30 million gallon above ground reservoir that was built and operated by the City of Saint Paul. The land was sold to the City of Roseville in 1997, after the old 90 million gallon reservoir built in 1918 became outdated and was taken out of service. The reservoir still remains within the park, and can easily be seen from satellite imagery here.

When Roseville created Reservoir Woods Park, the land was intentionally left in a very forest-like state. Very little development has been done other than building a paved trail through the park and maintaining various natural-surface trails. The park's paved trail connects to the McCarrons Lake paths and Trout Brook Regional Trail to the east, sidepaths along Roselawn Ave and Lexington Ave to the west, a sidepath along Dale Street to the north, and the parking area off of Lexington to the south.

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