Reprivatisation fraud in Warsaw

The reprivatisation fraud in Warsaw happened on a massive scale during the reprivatisation in Warsaw [pl], which was performed after the fall of the Communist Poland to reverse the post-World War II nationalisation of the land in the city.[1][2]

A lot by Chmielna Street (far upper right) that had stirred the reprivatisation scandal

A particularly notable affair regarding a lot on Chmielna Street in the downtown of Warsaw was uncovered after a series of investigative reports published by Gazeta Wyborcza in 2016.[3] (This had earned the journalists the Grand Press 2016 award, the highest award for journalism in Poland[4] and several other awards. [citation needed])

In 2017 the Polish government established a dedicated Commission for Issues of Warsaw Real Estate Reprivatisation [pl]; as of July 2018 the Commission has reversed over a dozen of the decisions, but some of its rulings have led to further controversies and several trials.[5]

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