Renato Treves

Renato Treves (1907–1992) was an Italian sociologist.


Treves was born in Turin, Italy of a Jewish family. According to Vincenzo Ferrari, Treves "devoted his first academic study to the diffusion of Claude Henri de Saint-Simon's (1760–1825) doctrines in Italy" before turning his attention to the neo-Kantian movement and Hans Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law.[1]

Treves also exerted considerable influence on the development of the sociology of law in Italy and is one of the founders of the Research Committee on Sociology of Law.[citation needed]

He kept faith with a Weberian and Kelsenian vision of sociology of law, as distinct from legal science. He advocated empirical research as a means of testing theories critically and favoured open as opposed to closed social portraits of law. Primarily, he argued in favour of a perspectivist and relativistic vision of law and society, combating all kinds of absolutism in both science and politics, from a liberal socialist stance that he upheld in many of his writings.[2]

Primary publicationsEdit

  • Treves, Renato (1933) Il diritto come relazione, Torino.
  • Treves, Renato (1941) Sociología y filosofía social, Buenos Aires.
  • Treves, Renato (1943) Benedetto Croce, filósofo de la libertad, Buenos Aires.
  • Treves, Renato (1947) Diritto e cultura, Torino.
  • Treves, Renato (1954) Spirito critico e spirito dogmatico, Milano.
  • Treves, Renato (1962) Libertà politica e verità, Milano.
  • Treves, Renato (1972) Giustizia e giudici nella società italiana, Bari.
  • Treves, Renato (1977) Introduzione alla sociologia del diritto, Torino.
  • Treves, Renato (1987) Sociologia del diritto. Origini, ricerche, problemi, Torino.
  • Treves, Renato (1990) Sociologia e socialismo. Ricordi e incontri, Milano.

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