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R5 RGP (Remington Gas Piston) is an M4 carbine designed and manufactured by Remington Arms. It is one of many AR-15 type rifles which uses a gas piston operating system in an attempt to improve the reliability of the weapon.[1]

TypeAssault rifle
Place of originUnited States
Production history
ManufacturerRemington Arms
Mass3.0 kg (6.56 lb) (unloaded, w/ 10.5" barrel) 3.2 kg (6.95 lb) (unloaded, w/ 14.5" barrel)[1]
Lengthw/ 10.5" barrel:
  • 688 mm (27.10 in) collapsed, 768 mm (30.25 in) extended[1]

w/ 14.5" barrel:

  • 780 mm (30.6 in) collapsed, 860 mm (34 in) extended[1]
Barrel length270 mm (10.5 in) 370 mm (14.5 in)

Cartridge5.56×45mm NATO[1]
Barrels10.5" or 14.5"[1]
ActionGas piston[1]
Feed systemVarious STANAG magazines.

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