Reinier Vinkeles

Reinier Vinkeles (1741 – 1816) was an 18th-century painter and engraver from the Northern Netherlands, who was the teacher of several talented artists.

Print for the tragedy Brutus. Made by Reinier Vinkeles.[1]


Vinkeles was born in 1741, in Amsterdam. He studied for some ten years with Jan Punt and joined the Amsterdam Stadstekenacademie (City Drawing School) in 1762.[2]

In 1765 he travelled to Brabant with Jurriaan Andriessen and Izaäk Schmidt.[2] In 1770 he left for Paris, where he studied for a year with Jacques-Philippe Le Bas and also met the Dutch artists Hermanus Numan and Izaak Jansz de Wit (1744-1809).

When he returned to Amsterdam he worked making prints for book illustrations, including portraits, topographical and architectural prints, copies after Dutch masters, and theatre sets.[3] He became a director of the Stadstekenacademie]and was a member of the artist's club Pax Artium Nutrix.[3] He became the teacher of Jacob Ernst Marcus, Jacobus Millies, his son Abraham Vinkeles, his brother Harmanus Vinkeles (1745-1804), his son Johannes Vinkeles, and Daniël Vrijdag.[3]

Vinkeles died in 1816, in Amsterdam.



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