Regresa (film)

Regresa is a 2010 Mexican romantic comedy film directed by Alejandro González Padilla and starring Jaime Camil and Blanca Soto.[2] It won best film at the 2010 Monaco Charity Film Festival.[3] The comedy concerns a wife who is regressed in hypnotherapy to a previous life as a 15th-century Basque girl, but then will not snap out of this identity. The film has the Basque language byline "Asko maite zaitut" - "I love you very much".

Regresa (film).jpg
Directed byAlejandro González Padilla
Written byMonica Abin, Alejandro González Padilla
StarringJaime Camil, Blanca Soto
Producciones X Marca
Release date
  • 22 January 2010 (2010-01-22)[1]
Running time
92 minutes
LanguageSpanish & Basque


The movie is about husband and wife, who ultimately long for each other's love. It starts with 3 friends, who discuss about their daily life and for instance start discussing about "Regresa" (English: "Comeback") the two friends "Pato " and "Isabel" convince their friend "Maria" to visit a Certified Therapist "Olga" to know about her past life, for which Maria is not reluctant. Pato suspects that Maria 's husband "Ernesto" is having an affair and that Maria should hire a lawyer or detective.

Maria visits the Doctor Olga and after the session over, Maria doesn't return to Present Life, which makes Doctor nervous later "Maria" screams and doesn't remember any of her friends. Isabel tries to call Maria 's husband but is unable to connect to him later when he receives, he is shocked to know that his wife is admitted to hospital and is tied up, Doctors are confused about her condition and record what she says while screaming, which later is partially interpreted as a "Basque" language.

Ernesto and Adolfo (Isabel husband) visit Spanish Embassy for a translator but end up with " Inaki"Javier Tolosa a chef, who helps them to interpret, and is shocked when Maria reveals herself as a Princess of "Kingdom of Navare" of 15th Century and is about to marry a Prince, and is frightened to see the electronic Gadgets around her, and believes that some witch has placed her into the present era, later Ernesto takes Maria to a village and instructs the maids to remove all electronic items.

With the help of Inaki, he tries to win her back



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