Regions of Burkina Faso

Per Law No.40/98/AN in 1998, Burkina Faso adhered to decentralization to provide administrative and financial autonomy to local communities. Most of these, according to their individual articles, were implemented on 2 July 2001.

Burkina Faso is divided into 13 administrative regions. Each region is administered by a governor.

A clickable map of Burkina Faso exhibiting its 13 administrative regions.Centre Region (Burkina Faso)Centre Region (Burkina Faso)Est Region (Burkina Faso)Nord Region (Burkina Faso)Sud-Ouest Region (Burkina Faso)Cascades RegionCentre-Ouest RegionHauts-Bassins RegionBoucle du Mouhoun RegionCentre-Nord RegionSahel RegionCentre-Est RegionCentre-Sud RegionCentre-Sud RegionPlateau-Centre RegionPlateau-Centre Region
A clickable map of Burkina Faso exhibiting its 13 administrative regions.
Region Area
(km2) [1]
Boucle du Mouhoun 34,333 1,631,321 Dédougou
Cascades 18,424 637,279 Banfora
Centre 2,869 2,136,581 Ouagadougou
Centre-Est 14,710 1,302,449 Tenkodogo
Centre-Nord 19,677 1,375,380 Kaya
Centre-Ouest 21,752 1,348,784 Koudougou
Centre-Sud 11,457 722,631 Manga
Est 46,694 1,416,229 Fada N'gourma
Hauts-Bassins 25,343 1,469,604 Bobo Dioulasso
Nord 16,414 1,185,604 Ouahigouya
Plateau-Central 8,545 696,372 Ziniaré
Sahel 35,360 968,442 Dori
Sud-Ouest 16,153 620,767 Gaoua

These regions are divided into 45 provinces and subdivided into 351 communes.

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