Reginn after he had been killed by Sigurd on the 11th century Ramsund carving in Södermanland, Sweden.

Reginsmál ("Reginn's sayings") or Sigurðarkviða Fáfnisbana II ("Second Lay of Sigurd Fáfnir's Slayer") is an Eddic poem, found in the Codex Regius manuscript. The poem is unnamed in the manuscript, where it follows Grípisspá and precedes Fáfnismál, but modern scholars regard it as a separate poem and have assigned it names for convenience.

The poem, if regarded as a single unit, is disjoint and fragmentary, consisting of stanzas both in ljóðaháttr and fornyrðislag. The first part relates Loki's dealings with Andvari. Interpolated with prose passages, the poem moves on to Sigurd's relationship with Reginn and the advice given to him by Odin.