Regal Tip is one of the world's largest manufacturers of drum sticks and other percussion mallets. They produce a range of beaters, but are particularly noted as a manufacturer of premium steel brushes and nylon tipped drumsticks. In 2003, the company was the largest manufacturer of brushes.[1]

Regal Tip
IndustryMusic equipment
FoundedNiagara Falls, NY (1958)
FounderJoe Calato
Key people
Joe Calato
ProductsDrum sticks, brushes, mallets, rutes, and general accessories

In 1958, drummer Joe Calato introduced his invention of the nylon tip drumstick to improve the longevity of sticks. Joe opened a factory to produce and ship sticks worldwide. The company also manufactures wood tip drumsticks, brushes, mallets, signature brushes, signature drumsticks, rutes, and general accessories.

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