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Red Hot Peppers (New Zealand band)

The Red Hot Peppers was a New Zealand band formed in 1975 by Robbie Laven. The band members were:

  • Robbie Laven – multiple instruments including mandolin, ang klungs, congas, saxes (alto and barritone), flute, guitars, clarinet, fiddle, Glockenspiel, zither, banjo, harmonica, dobro and penny whistle.
  • Marion Arts – vocals
  • Mike Farrell – guitar
  • Paul Baxter – bass replaced by Peter Kershaw
  • Jim McMillan – drums replaced by Vaughan Mayberry, replaced by Neil Reynolds

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Toujours Yours 1976Edit

Track listEdit
  • A1 Let The Good In
  • A2 Bemused
  • A3 Lock And Key
  • A4 If You See Her Say Hello
  • A5 Preacher Woman
  • B1 Toujours Yours
  • B2 Dreams To Come
  • B3 Cow Cow Boogie
  • B4 Witchwood
  • B5 Justin
  • Bass – Paul Baxter
  • Drums – Jim McMillan
  • Flute – Robbie Laven
  • Guitar – Hans Laven, Robbie Laven
  • Lead Vocals – Marion Arts
  • Mandolin – Robbie Laven
  • Saxophone – Robbie Laven
  • Violin – Robbie Laven
  • Engineer – Phil Yule

Bright Red 1977Edit

Produced by Ian McKenzie

  1. "Sing High, Sing Low" / Interlude:"Ottos Link" (by Laven and Arts)
  2. "Angel" (by Laven and Arts) / Interlude: "Salterello" (anon. arr. Laven)
  3. "Tears of Silver" (by Laven and Arts)
  4. "Preacher Woman" (by Laven and Arts)
  5. "Heebie Jeebies" (by Gorney, Gray and Stothart)
  6. "You Can't Stop Bliss" / Interlude: "Abi Marijke" (by Laven and Arts)
  7. "Sitting by the Road (Sighing)" (by Laven and Arts)
  8. "Summer Solace:Going up the Bush" (by Laven and Arts), "I've just seen a face" (by Lennon and McCartney) and "Skylark" (by Maurice and Keegan)
  9. "Bright Red" (by Laven and Arts)

Stargazing 1978Edit

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  • [1] Some historical information and the band's evolution from the "1953 Memorial Rock 'n' Roll Band" to the "Red Hot Peppers"