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Recorded Time and Other Stories is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. As the 150th release, it is made of four one-part stories, by different authors, rather than the usual multi-part serial. All episodes feature the Sixth Doctor as played by Colin Baker and Peri Brown played by Nicola Bryant.

Recorded Time and Other Stories
Big Finish Productions audio drama
SeriesDoctor Who
Release no.150
FeaturingSixth Doctor
Peri Brown
Written byCatherine Harvey
Richard Dinnick
Matt Fitton
Philip Lawrence
Executive producer(s)Nicholas Briggs
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Production code6Z/AA
Release dateAugust 2011


Main castEdit

Recorded TimeEdit

By Catherine Harvey

1536, The Court of King Henry VIII Immortalis.


By Richard Dinnick

The legendary lost world of Sendos was rumored to have the most powerful weapons in the universe. Now it is broadcasting across space in Peri's voice.

A Most Excellent MatchEdit

By Matt Fitton

In Jane Austen's England, Peri was seen to be courting suitors, including the Doctor.

Question MarksEdit

By Philip Lawrence

The mysterious man with the question mark collar saves the crew of a stricken vessel.

  • Destiny Gray — Raquel Cassidy
  • Greg Stone — James George
  • Arnie McAllister — Joe Jameson


Cast notesEdit

Critical receptionEdit

Doctor Who Magazine reviewer Matt Michael called the collection "excellent", identifying "A Most Excellent Match" as the "most fun", and "Question Marks" as the "strongest".[1]


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