Rechitsky Uyezd

Rechitsky Uyezd (Russian: Речицкий уезд) was one of the Uyezds of Minsk Governorate and the Governorate-General of Minsk of the Russian Empire and then of Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic with its center in Rechytsa from 1793 until its formal abolition in 1924 by Soviet authorities.


At the time of the Russian Empire Census of 1897, Rechitsky Uyezd had a population of 221,771. Of these, 82.5% spoke Belarusian, 12.8% Yiddish, 1.7% Ukrainian, 1.4% Russian, 1.1% Polish, 0.2% Czech, 0.1% Latvian, 0.1% German and 0.1% Romani as their native language.[1]


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