The House of Rechberg is the name of an old noble comital family in Swabia during the Holy Roman Empire period. They were sovereign counts of Rechberg and Rothenlöwen. As a mediatized house (mediatized by Württemberg in 1806), the family belonged to high nobility.

Coat of arms of Rechberg family

Notable family membersEdit

  • Ulrich I von Rechberg, ca. 1140–1206, auf Hohenrechberg, Swabian Marescalc, married Edilhardis von Ramis and Berchterad von Biberbach
  • Hildebrand (Hiltprand) von Rechberg, fl 1194–1226, auf Hohenrechberg, d. before 1235, married Anna, daughter of Heinrich Marschall von Pappenheim
  • Conrad I "Monacus" von Rechberg, fl 1235,
  • Conrad II "der Landvogt" von Rechberg, fl 1259
  • Albrecht (I) "der Landvogt" von Rechberg, fl 1293,
  • Albrecht III von Rechberg, zu Staufeneck, zu Falkenstein d. 1408
  • Wilhelm I von Rechberg zu Hohenrechberg, d. after 1401; married Sophie von Veringen, daughter of Heinrich IV of Veringen
  • Heinrich I von Rechberg zu Hohenrechberg und Gammertingen,d. 1437; married Agnes von Helfenstein, daughter of Ulrich VII of Helfenstein
  • Hans von Rechberg-Hohenrechberg, zu Gammertingen, married Veronika von Waldburg (d. 1443) and Elisabeth von Werdenberg-Sargans, daughter of Heinrich IX (II) of Werdenberg-Sonnenberg (d. 1469)

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